Thursday, January 27, 2011


Today is my birthday, and it's also the UnicornFlower Type's one year anniversary, if you've ever read this post. I made another picture too:


I just love Selena Gomez's wedding cake :D. One year and I've gotten about 7000 views and 85 posts, I can't believe it. In game right now I'm level 59 and an expert gardener (rank 7).

Friday, January 7, 2011

Garden Growing

Today my garden is adult, and baby carrots are still like the cutest thing ever:

Also, today is my Wizard101-playing friend's (Sierra LegendRider) birthday, so I scanned the card before I gave it to her and this is what it looked like:

If you haven't noticed, I was trying to make the hat on the first page look like the double wide card hat from Gamestop because that's the hat she usually wears. I drew the piggle from the pet tab in the spellbook, and it turned out better than I suspected. I sorta based the wizards off the Abracadoodle people.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

I'm Back :D

After I got back, I had a little break from Wizard101, but now that I'm back, I planted a little garden at my life house. I just wanted a little garden for now, so I just got some desparagus and baby carrots, who like each other. My garden is at young today.
I think my next garden will have trumpet vines, king parsley and laugh-o-dil because they all have the same needs, sun and music. I made a little guide of what plants need if you haven't already seen, it can be useful sometimes when planning gardens to know what they need.

You might notice me posting slightly less because I have a really big project (independent study) in QUEST/language arts so I'm going to very, very busy. I would have picked Wizard101 for my independent study, but even though it's probably the best game ever, I don't think I can go very deep into it, and it would be hard to talk for 20 minutes about it in front of the class.