Friday, June 27, 2014

Hosuing Guides Part Two- How to Fireplace

This week's guide is on fireplaces :D.

How to: Fireplace

Items Needed:
  • Stone fireplace
  • Rough fireplace
  • Brick fireplace
  • Holiday fireplace
  • Krokotopian fireplace
  • Celestian fireplace
  • Aztecan fireplace
  • Avalonian fireplace
  • Zafarian fireplace
-Small rug
-Various small items for the mantle (see list below)


Just Decorate It

Small little trinkets to go on the mantle of a fireplace look really nice, so here's a list of possible things that I like to put on my fireplaces. I think you can only put things on the stone, brick, holiday, Aztecan, and Avalonian fireplaces.

  • Potted flower arrangement
  • Mantle clock
  • Mushroom
  • Incense plate
  • Potted purple pansy
  • Crystal ball
  • Any trophy
  • Any bobble head
  • Ship in a bottle

Also hanging large paintings just above a fireplace is nice.


Put a Fire in It

Some fireplaces like all the themed ones and the holiday one already have a fire in it, but to liven up the plainer fireplaces like the stone or brick kind putting a small fire is just the right thing and can be done in a few simple steps.

1. Place a campfire where you want the fireplace to be.
2. Put down a small rug, and then a fireplace on top of it. Move the small rug so that the fireplace is on top of the campfire.
3. On the outer edge of the rug place another rug and then pick it up. This will pick up both rugs and leave the fireplace.


Make it Crazy

I'm all about making things your own. Especially on the Castle Tours, it's important to make your house stand out among the thousands of others. 

In my fireplaces, you'll notice many, many teleporters. I'm partial to this because as a nerd and Harry Potter fan this makes sense to me. In my dorm and Amber Estate I decorated some fireplaces that lead to other houses so here's a look.

Here are some examples of houses on the tour with fireplaces that I liked.

Thanks Paige Moonshade!

Friday, June 20, 2014

Hosuing Guides Part One- How to Rug Glitch

Hey guys! Today I'm starting a new series about housing guides and tips. Part one is just basic rug glitching.

How to: Rug Glitch

Items needed:
  • tatami floor mat
  • long blue runner
  • chessboard/flat wooden platform
-crate (almost any big wooden cubes will work except chickens and reinforced)

I use a tatami floor mat because I think it's one of the cheapest small rugs, and it is probably one of the smallest. The small blue trim rug sold by the wizard city housing shop is good too, but it cost 25 gold more and won't fit on some really small tables. I like the long blue runner because it's long and skinny which is good for getting far places quickly without needing too many rugs. I also use a lot of chessboards because they are only 1000 gold and great for placing bigger objects, but recently I've discovered that in the crowns shop the flat wooden platforms are much bigger and longer. Finding the exact rug isn't that important most of the time as long as everything fits.


Pets in PVP

A really simple rug glitch is putting pets in a PVP arena. Usually, you wouldn't be able to place pets there, but with a few easy rug glitches you can add some pets and then take the rug off.

1.      First, grab a tatami floor mat and set it down somewhere where there is plenty of room. Put a long blue runner on it.
2.      Move the tatami floor mat. The long blue runner should stick to the rug under it. Set down the mat as close as possible to the PVP arena.
3.      Put a flat wooden platform just on top of the tatami mat, and put the mat on the long blue runner so that the flat wooden platform is near the middle of the arena.
4.      Add pets! Now that you have a wooden platform on the arena, you should be able to put pets on it. To spread pets all over the arena replace the mats to different positions.
5.      Pick up the long blue runner, and then any other rugs left over.



The first house I ever got when housing first came out was the Royal Estate. I just loved the Marylebone sky and city-like look of it. When I was first trying out rug glitches I decided I wanted to be able to go behind my house to have races, so I bought a lot of large rugs to go all the way around. Really it is a simple process, but it requires a lot of rugs. Note that this does not work in some houses. Sometimes when it doesn't,  making all the rugs higher up off the ground will allow this to work.

  1. Buy many rugs. You will need lots of small rugs like the tatami floor mat and many larger ones, I recommend the long blue runners, but any really big rug like the ornate oval rug or the large watcher rug will work just fine.
  2. Place a small tatami floor mat, and then a larger rug on top of it.
  3. Move the small mat to the edge of the house so that the large rug hangs off.
  4. Repeat step two and three by continuing the put small rugs where larger rugs end until you have gone as far as you want.
On the tour I have found some houses with really awesome rug glitches that go really high. Here are a few of them.


Beat the Genie's Curse

For anyone who has tried to farm the genie in the Sultan's Palace consistently may find themselves tired  and frustrated because the nearest teleporter spot is outside the cave in the house part! It's just not worth it to have to walk all the way over there everyday. With some rug bridge skills it is possible to just put a teleporter spot right where the genie's lamp is.

1. I always start in the area right after where the painting is. Put a small rug on a long blue runner. Repeat a second time. Alternate grabbing the small rug and putting it on the end of the remaining long blue runner. Since the path isn't straight it may take some maneuvering to get rugs out into the open area.

2. Once in the open space, get to right where the cliff is and stack three crates. Grab the small rug that is only touching one long blue runner and move it to the room.
3. Move two crates right next to each other so that they are touching. Put the small rug on the crates. Take one crate away, moving the mat with it, but not the long blue runner. Put the crate on top of the crates near the genie.

4. Move the small rug on the the top of the long blue runner one more time. Then, place a crate on a long blue runner. Get your teleporter and put a mark right where the crate is and you've done it! Take apart your rug scaffolding and enjoy not having to walk so far.