Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Waterworks Warrior

A couple weeks ago, my dad and I completed the Waterworks for the first time. Somehow, we managed to get by with just the two of us, but being life and just healing and my dad being storm and just tanking worked well. Plumbing101 on Central helped too.

It took a while, especially the last boss,

but I finally gave them the last blow with my forest lord.

Now I’m a Waterworks Warrior!

On my first try somehow I got the life hat and robe, I can't believe it. Now I just need the shoes.

Also, I got to level 68 and got my Gnomes spell.
I’m actually almost level 69, and after that I’m on my way to 70!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Guide to Tag Stars

So on test in the crown shop you can buy a tag kiosk. Tag is really fun, especially in wildfire mode, but keeping track of which star is which is confusing. So here is a little guide I made with my ice character, Esmee.
Purple with blue inside is invisibility. You're half invisible to you, but really hard to see when you're walking to other people. When you are stopped, you're completely invisible. It's good if you see the person who's it before they see you.

Green with white on the inside is disguise. You turn into the reverse of what you are (if you're it, you are a regular player, and if your a player you look like you're it). It's good if you want to confuse the other person, and surprise players if you're it. It's also fun to get chased by an army of elves if you turn into a character in front of them.

Green with a yellow outside is teleport. It teleports you to a random place in your house. It's good if you need a fast getaway, and if you have no idea where to search for players if you're it.

Yellow with a red outside is speed boost. Speed boost makes you go a little faster. This is great if you want to run away fast, and if you are close to catching someone when you are it but just need a little boost.

Blue with a pink inside is freeze. Freeze freezes anyone near you. This is good if you have the it person tailing you (but not fun for friends who are also running away), and is a good way to catch a bunch of players at the same time if you're it.

White with a black inside is immunity/break immunity. Immunity lets you not be able to be tagged for a few seconds, and break immunity breaks immunity if you're it. I think this is the least helpful power up star, especially break immunity, but it can still be good in some situations.
I hope this guide helps you decipher between the different power up stars. I also hope you enjoy tag as much as I do!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

A Weird Day in Zafaria

So I was helping my friend in the Savannah, and this weird thing happened when we went to fight the queen.
There were two queens, one regular one, and one boss one. I guess when you already fought her she's there, but when you come in with someone with the quest for a fight the boss you see both of them. This gives opportunity for some good pictures. Also doesn't Tim look like he's doing a cannonball in the air? His cape is also in a weird position.

The queen's feet probably aren't feeling too well in this picture. Doesn't she know there's a shark down there?
The forest lord seems to be bowing down the almighty queen. Good for him.

Also, when we fought this other boss, the minions were scarlet screamers.

You know, the rank two ones from Triton Avenue?
Some wizard must be offering them rides on their hornocerous to Zafaria or something.

(mask on their face, very shifty)

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Bedrooms (and Other Stuff)

I don't know if this is weird or not but I have a bedroom in almost every house(5 out of 7). I took pictures of all of them so you could see. Most are my bedroom, but some are for pets. I'll label what house they're in too.

My Sultan's Palace Bedroom
Dragons' Dragon Fjord Bedroom
(not mine, it's the dragons')
My Sunken Palace Bedroom

My Sun Palace Bedroom

Life House Bedroom
(it used to be mine, but now it's the pets')

Lately I have gotten the richest I've ever been, reaching max gold!
Then I hatched a leopard and a seraph to try to get another leopard, and it made me poorer. (And I got another seraph, not such a bad thing)

Another thing that I just did today was get the Grandmaster Artisan Badge.

It's funny Princess Cosmo looked back at the boat the second I took the picture. (Sorry I look so scary)

I guess that's it!

P.S. Sorry for not posting for a while, lots of homework lately

P.P.S. One last thing... I didn't forget, but I just didn't have a chance to post on this blog's second anniversary January 27. Happy second birthday blog!