Saturday, February 11, 2012

A Weird Day in Zafaria

So I was helping my friend in the Savannah, and this weird thing happened when we went to fight the queen.
There were two queens, one regular one, and one boss one. I guess when you already fought her she's there, but when you come in with someone with the quest for a fight the boss you see both of them. This gives opportunity for some good pictures. Also doesn't Tim look like he's doing a cannonball in the air? His cape is also in a weird position.

The queen's feet probably aren't feeling too well in this picture. Doesn't she know there's a shark down there?
The forest lord seems to be bowing down the almighty queen. Good for him.

Also, when we fought this other boss, the minions were scarlet screamers.

You know, the rank two ones from Triton Avenue?
Some wizard must be offering them rides on their hornocerous to Zafaria or something.

(mask on their face, very shifty)