Monday, November 25, 2013

Castle Tours Highlights-Day One

I've been seriously addicted to castle tours ever since it was released. I've updated and redecorated most of my houses and have some hooked up with teleporters. I'm amazed at what the leader board people do, all the stunning glitching and decoration makes me inspired and slightly jealous. I'm always especially excited when a random castle on the tour is astounding. Sometimes I am going to try to showcase a really great house that I randomly stumbled upon on the tours. Today, an interesting storm house caught my eye.

The exterior featured a nice little garden dotted with statues and many trees.

The front room inside was heavily decorated with a peculiar arrangement of objects from many different worlds. Usually I don't do this because most of my houses are themed to a particular thing and having too much variety looks strange, but this person made it work somehow. They perfectly combined Mooshu and Wizard City styles creating a living room feel with the large table and red sofas. The potted palms also go well with this.

Downstairs had an underwater theme which was perfect. I liked the crab tables with tropical drinks for every seat. And of course any underwater room wouldn't be complete without crab lamps! I love those things.

The shark room was another nice living room area. It had a mannequin playing the piano. Any homeowner who takes the time to craft mannequins should get points for that. The sofa arrangement was good but I think a blue color scheme would have worked better, maybe switch out the snapdragons for bluebonnets, the red sofas for worn blues, and the pink rug for a blue one.
 I like the symmetry of this room with the lamps and paintings on both sides, the Grizzleheim-Avalon combination looks good.
In my storm house, I found this room particularly hard to decorate because of the shape and all the other stuff going on, but this person managed it well with an underwater workshop theme.

Good feasts and kitchens are a nice addition in any house, and this person did a great job stocking them with lots of food! The log cabin wallpaper fits well too.
The last room is a Mooshu themed bedroom that I thought was nice. It has everything a good bedroom needs, a bed, a dresser, and a floating clock!