Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Crazy Collector

Lately, I've been collecting a lot of music scrolls, just by buying them at the Bazaar. I have a bunch of music players now to hold the different worlds' scrolls, all lined up like this:
Right now my count is at forty different scrolls, but I'm still striving for more. Here's a list of all the scrolls I currently have.

My top two favorite scrolls at the moment are the Wizard101 Main theme scroll (one of the only ones I've actually farmed for, dropped by Alicane Swiftarrow) and the Zafaria main theme one.

Anyway, my other collection is bobble heads, because they are really cool looking. I also like the nice bobbling animation. Currently I think I have all the bobble heads. I keep them all in a room in my massive fantasy palace.

I really like the teacher bobble heads in that last picture, I hope they make all the teachers in bobble head form, that would be so cute for a mini school!

Post Script:

What a sad sight!