Saturday, October 22, 2011

Sun Palace's Secret

Yes, the Sun Palace has a gorilla, in a 'secret' hideaway, but there's another one.

Why would I put a 'Look Out' sign here?

A perfectly good sign, in the middle of nowhere.

Or is it?
A secluded area, the perfect place for anything,
like a zoo.
With escaping animals.

And beautiful scenery.
Or you could make it a graveyard (at my dad's house).

I just wanted to make sure everyone knew about this place, it is sort of out if the way.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Here Comes the Sun (Palace)

Oh no, another post with a song for a name, and that means a new card house!
Here comes the sun (Yea the Palace)
Here comes the sun and I say
It's awesome!
In the front yard I have a pumpkin patch, with pumpkins ready to turn into jack-o-lanterns.

Next to the house, I have a graveyard, with a gravestone sign declaring "Vacancy"
On the other side of the house, there's a small garden area.
Inside, your greeted by a fountain in the pedestal in the middle, a pegasus on top of the pedestal, and two signs in front, one saying "Gone Farming," the other saying "Amber UnicornFlower's Home."
Opening the door on the left, you enter my party room, full of ice cream, balloons, party signs, and mini game kiosks.

Here I have my living room, with my pvp arena tapestry and my grand piano (that's behind me)
On the right, the door opens my dance floor, where I keep all my patriotic leprechauns
The top floor of my sun palace is my restaurant, housing many crab tables.

This is my bedroom, with many seraphs in it.

This is the pvp arena, though it's not that special.
In the secret area in the back I put my zoo. It's not completely finished yet, (needs more plants) but it's close to being done.

How do you 'use' a gorilla?

sun, sun, sun, here it comes
sun, sun, sun, here it comes
sun, sun, sun, here it comes

Isn't the sky so pretty?

Monday, October 10, 2011

Seraph Breeding

Wow I haven't posted in a long time. Oh well. Lately I've been breeding seraph to get the ultimate seraph. I've tried getting seraphs to add another card (seraph+samoorai). Also, I tried to make it get cast lifeblade (seraph+patriotic leprechaun). Then I tried to make a seraph cast unicorn (that's the only one I succeeded in, seraph+nightmare). This ended up with many patriotic leprechauns and a few seraphs. They have an extended family now, so I made a comic.