Friday, June 27, 2014

Hosuing Guides Part Two- How to Fireplace

This week's guide is on fireplaces :D.

How to: Fireplace

Items Needed:
  • Stone fireplace
  • Rough fireplace
  • Brick fireplace
  • Holiday fireplace
  • Krokotopian fireplace
  • Celestian fireplace
  • Aztecan fireplace
  • Avalonian fireplace
  • Zafarian fireplace
-Small rug
-Various small items for the mantle (see list below)


Just Decorate It

Small little trinkets to go on the mantle of a fireplace look really nice, so here's a list of possible things that I like to put on my fireplaces. I think you can only put things on the stone, brick, holiday, Aztecan, and Avalonian fireplaces.

  • Potted flower arrangement
  • Mantle clock
  • Mushroom
  • Incense plate
  • Potted purple pansy
  • Crystal ball
  • Any trophy
  • Any bobble head
  • Ship in a bottle

Also hanging large paintings just above a fireplace is nice.


Put a Fire in It

Some fireplaces like all the themed ones and the holiday one already have a fire in it, but to liven up the plainer fireplaces like the stone or brick kind putting a small fire is just the right thing and can be done in a few simple steps.

1. Place a campfire where you want the fireplace to be.
2. Put down a small rug, and then a fireplace on top of it. Move the small rug so that the fireplace is on top of the campfire.
3. On the outer edge of the rug place another rug and then pick it up. This will pick up both rugs and leave the fireplace.


Make it Crazy

I'm all about making things your own. Especially on the Castle Tours, it's important to make your house stand out among the thousands of others. 

In my fireplaces, you'll notice many, many teleporters. I'm partial to this because as a nerd and Harry Potter fan this makes sense to me. In my dorm and Amber Estate I decorated some fireplaces that lead to other houses so here's a look.

Here are some examples of houses on the tour with fireplaces that I liked.

Thanks Paige Moonshade!

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