Monday, June 9, 2014

Night Garden Maze

The Arcane Bundle's housing plots are really great for building houses with castle blocks- I've built quite a few and I plan on making more.

But with all this great space, I finally had enough room to make this awesome maze I've been planning for a while. 
Not quite

But wait! This looks familiar!

The maze game is my favorite pet game, so I thought making a housing version of it would be fun. So I drew up a map.

Then I bought a plethora of bushes and got to work. 

The maze game randomly sends you to one of the four entrances of the maze, so I set up some teleporters:

And the end result:

When I was done with my maze I put it on castle tours, and was surprised the next day to find this:

Number twelve on the maze board! Of course now I've climbed up, I think I'm in the sixties at the moment, but it was neat to be so high for a little while. So if you want to check out the maze, look for it on the top mazes while it's still up!


  1. Wow a lot of work went into that. Well done. Your creativity is astounding.

  2. Awesome post and beautiful work! I'll be following your blog from now on. Well done! :D