Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Housing Guide Part Three- How To Ladder

Hello everybody! I'm posting the guide early this week.

How to: Ladder

Items Needed:
  • Tall ladder
  • Short ladder
  • Straight ladder


Don't Bother

Before teleporters, I had lots of rugs that actually had to lead you to places that were far off, it was very tedious. When teleporters came out I was so happy, not only could I link all my houses together, I could make tree houses that didn't need ladders! In my Massive Fantasy Palace I have a tree house that does exactly that, there is a teleporter at the bottom and BOOM you are at the top. Woo! No hazardous climbing and falling off! Do this if you are lazy like me, all you need is a pack of 'porters


Rugs and Ladders

If you don't want to spend crowns buying teleporters or time crafting them, a regular old rug ladder is what you need. It is fairly simple, and I think it looks pretty cool. You don't have to have a ladder if you don't want one, but I like the effect.

1. Set down two crates right next to each other and put a small rug on top. Move one of the crates a little so that the rug is only touching the crate on the edge, and then move the other crate away from the first. Repeat this process for another crate. 

2.Stack first a crate with a rug, then one without, then another one with the rug on top.

3. Away from this tower, put down a small rug and then another one on top. Move the rugs so that one is slipped under the crates.

4. Move the rugs away so that the crates come with them but not the two stacked rugs.

5. Place a ladder next to the rug tower, and now you can go up the ladder!

 Here are some examples of a ladders I found on the tour.


Bone Ladder

In Andrea Storm's Wyrd House she has an amazing bone stair that goes up to a second floor. I think the process of doing this would be similar to a regular ladder, but I have never tried it. I thought it was really interesting and creative and I have never seen anything like it. Now it is your turn, figure out how to make those awesome bone stairs or invent something of your own! Flower stairs, anyone? 

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