Sunday, October 24, 2010

Locked out

I'm pretty sad right now, I played a little Wizard this morning, and now I'm on again, but now I can't get into my house. There were like, only five people in my house when I left, and now there's one hundred. Every minute I'll just have to see if anyone leaves I:.

That's probably the number one worst thing about the massive fantasy palace.
(Not saying I don't like the massive fantasy palace.)


  1. lol sucks my cousin got locked INSIDE his house and couldnt leave!

  2. lol they are robbing your house (O:) omg send some away or something!

  3. That is just HORRIBLE! I hope that torture doesn't affect me when I get my gift card once they come out. (I'm buying one with my OWN 40 bucks :D)

    ~The LotusPetal