Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Get past the disappearing act

You might be wondering how to harvest your elder plants without some plants disappearing, I was too, but my dad told me a way that will work most of the time, a quick fix before the bug gets fixed:Okay, if you didn't get that, after you harvest your elder plant, you plant and seedling, and no plants will disappear. I tried it on all my elder plants and my plants are still there, so I'm pretty sure it works. Two things you have to be sure of: you plant a seedling after every elder plant harvested, and you have to plant the seedling after you harvest the elder plant.

My prickly bear cactus garden has turned young:

And you got to admit, when prickly bear cactus are young, they are really, really cute.
I'm still rank 7, but once I harvest my prickly bear cactus garden I think that will change :D.


  1. Can you ask about Multi level planting? As like I have a garden with mutli levels of plants. Not one single type of plant. I have having Mature plants disappear.

    Just thought I would ask

    Thank you so much for the tip.

  2. Yay! My boom shroom is probably elder right now, I'll go test it out!