Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A New Mannequin

A couple days ago I made yet another mannequin. Now I have six, three boys and three girls. Now that I have a matching number of boys and girls, I decided to make a dance.My gardens are going well, and I think after they all become ancient I'll take a quick break from gardening to do some pet training. Here's my helephant ear garden before they all turned ancient:

That's all I could fit in one pest spell. I was hoping for some helephant cards for crafting an aquarium, but I only got two.

I also trained my unicorn to adult.

I tried to get a nightmare, but I just got an expensive unicorn. I tried the derby a little, I even got to corporal, but then I lost and went back to private again. Oh well. I think that's it..

A face among none

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