Saturday, May 28, 2011

Arthur's Request

Arthur Wethersfield (my dad :D... Wait does that make me Amber Wethersfield? It's going to take me a long time to figure out how to spell that) is asking people on central to post objects in game you think should be housing objects here. Right now there are 20 pages of posts, and I bet there will be more. I posted the food in front of the snack shop at the pet pavilion, because wouldn't they be a great addition to the kitchens in the spiral? I'm training my snake because I read that it can get the spiffy pop talent, and I don't have any other pets with it. So far I'm at adult, but I'm about halfway to ancient.

I guess my snake doesn't like pictures, because his head is down.

Okay, one last thing:

Do you see any family resemblance?

No? Really? Are you sure? I guess not. Maybe I'm adopted.


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  2. Aww I see who you are now :) I am Arthur Wethersfield's #1 fan. Well maybe 2nd biggest fan behind you.

    Happy house decorating!
    P.s. I have always wanted the food items too. I would be great to have apples and pizza ;)