Wednesday, June 8, 2011

I'm a Vigilant Dragonrider

The Dragon's Hoard was released today, and it has some really cool stuff in it.The one of the best things you can get is vigiant clothes set:

Here's what they look like together:

I also have two mounts, and a pet, though there are many other things.

This new stuff sort of inspired me to make a dragon house, and because common sense didn't come to me soon enough, I put it in the tranquil cottage, instead of the dragon's fjord. Oh well.

It sort of looks funny when you run because of how long the sword is.

Here's where the mother dragon resides, and tends to her young.

The skeletal dragon lives alone away from all the other dragons.

Inside, the dragons relax by the lava fountain.

And if I ever do a long-term study of the dragons, I'll have a small place to live with the nicest dragon, Angel.

Here's most of the best stuff together (and a tree):

One last thing, the skeletal dragon's heart is creepy and blue and glowing and not connected to anything. The ghost of a heart.

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