Saturday, November 19, 2011

Searching for Scrolls

With the new music player, there are only two scrolls (Krok and Wizard City) that are easy to come by and sold at the shop, but the others are harder to get. If you don't know what others, they were all listed in the update notes in a picture (I wonder if there' s a Wintertusk one, it's not on there).
These are the only ones I have so far:

They seem pretty easy to get, I got both of my dropped ones in the second fight, though my dad got the Mooshu one a few fights after, and he still hasn't gotten the Wysteria one. Neither of us got the Celestia one.

Maybe next time.
Still the music players are really cool, and I hope to get all the scrolls, and that they add new ones soon.

I'm still breeding seraphs to get unicorn and spritely (and later smokescreen), no luck, just a bunch of seraphs with only two having unicorn and none having spritely, though I haven't trained my newest giraffe much, he was a mix of seraph with unicorn and giraffe with spritely. If I can possibly get something with spritely and unicorn, the next step is spritely, unicorn, and smokescreen. I'll need a lot of luck :D.


  1. How often does Smokescreen go off for you on your pets, if you've tested? Thanks for the info on where these scrolls can be obtained! ^_^

  2. It goes off pretty often, though not as much as some pets use spritely :D.

    -Amber UnicornFlower

  3. Great post Amber! Nick and I discussed this and the locations of the scrolls in our last episode of Spiral Live. If you want more info, go to and watch episode 8.

    It tells where you can get the scrolls for other bosses.

    Keep up the great work!