Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Look Alike Chapter Two and Three

Ok, time for the next two chapters in Look Alike!


We rushed to lunch and sat on the only table we could find. The teachers didn’t notice us; that’s good.
“Um, who are you?” I asked the girl in the purple shirt. I took note she was wearing a purple shirt, that’s for storm people; proof one.
“I’m Natalie UnicornFlower, who are you?” she questioned back. Emily and I told her our names. “We all have the same last names, that’s impossible, I’ve never seen you guys before!” she told us.
I took note that we had the same last name, UnicornFlower is not a popular last name, and plus if she was part of our family, she had to be magic, proof two.
“Are you magic?” I whispered just loud enough so she could hear.
“Yes, I’m storm, do you have magic?” she asked me back a whisper tone just as I did. That was proof number three.
“Yes, I’m Life and Emily is Balance, do you think that; that we could be related?” I asked her. I mean my parents did divorce, and my mom never talks about it, I might as well be a triplet, then I remembered something. “Didn’t you say that I changed my shirt when we first met?”
“Could we, being related be an option? And yah, I though you were my sister, Molly,” Natalie replied. Then another girl who looked like us sat at our table, she must be Molly.
“Hi girls, you made some new friends already, Natalie? Your shirt is the worst shade of green I’ve ever seen whoever you are, and why do you look just like me? That’s my look,” the snobbish girl who must be Molly commented in a mean way, to me at least, not to Natalie.
“You know I think it is, we’re all magic, we look alike, we have the same last name,” I told Natalie, completely ignoring Molly. “Hey, want to come over to our house today?” I asked.
“Sure,” Natalie replied. I was excited.


We went home that day with Natalie and Molly. Mom was at work today, so she wouldn’t be home until six o’clock, but that was okay, Natalie said her curfew was eight o’clock so mom had plenty of time to get home. We wanted to ask mom if we really were related to them, and if she forgot to tell us something. I told Emily not to be to hard on her, she loved dad, but dad didn’t love her.
I showed the two girls my room filled with exotic flowers, but as soon as Molly walked in she made all of them die.
“AH!” I screamed, “You killed my flowers!”
“They were too alive,” she retorted. I made them grow again, she made them die again.
“UGH!” I knew I hated that girl from the start.
“Nice room, very neat,” Natalie commented, I’ll be friends with Natalie, she’s nice, but I’ll never ever be friends with Molly; sister or not.
Next we went into Emily’s room. Mom let her have real sand on the floor, so it’s like a desert. Emily is fascinated with deserts, it’s her thing; after all she is Balance.
To pass the time we played volleyball in Emily’s room, I grew two trees and vines between them for the net and just so Molly would be happy, they let her kill the vines. Natalie told me that if we didn’t they were going to die anyway; she’s not good at volleyball. Natalie was right; Emily and I won thirty-six to three.


I'll post the next two chapters next week! If you want to read the first chapter click here.

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