Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Look Alike Chapter One

I made up this Wizard101 story so like the comics I'm going to post a few chapters every week. Here it is:


by Amber UniornFlower


I was only three at the time when my parents got divorced. I remember the last thing I said to my father, “I wove you,” as he left the house for good. But even though I remembered that so well, I guess I forgot some of the important details abut him leaving, but after all; I was only three.


I’m Amber UnicornFlower and my twin sister is Emily UnicornFlower. We are in 6th grade, and we are special. We are special because we’re wizards, but we’re not allowed to tell anyone unless we have three proofs that the person we’re telling is a wizard.
Even though we’re twins we’re not the same school of magic, I’m Life and Emily is Balance. My mom likes Emily better because my mom is, you guessed it, Balance. I don’t mind though, I love my twin.
So I was walking to lunch, as I always did, and I ran into my twin. (We are not in the same class before lunch; just so you know.)
“Hi,” I greeted my twin. Then I noticed something different about her, so I asked; as anyone would, “why’d you change your shirt, you always loved your brown one.”
“Huh? I always wear this purple one, why did you change your shirt? You hate green, you said so this morning that if you had to choose between falling off a cliff and seeing the color green; you’d fall off a cliff,” she answered back.
“I take that as an insult! You know; huh?” a girl who looked exactly like me was behind us, but my twin was right there in front of me. She also had the same perfect brown hair and sparkling green eyes as, as; as I did. The only difference I could spot was she was wearing a brown shirt, so she was my real sister, but if she was my real sister, who was standing in front of me? When my sister passed by she stopped.“Hi Amber, who are you talking; what?” she exclaimed. The girl in the purple shirt who looked significantly like me seemed confused too. I mean three of us, we’re only twins; not triplets. The lunch bell rang, we were late for lunch! We had no time to talk this out; we had to get to lunch and fast

Again, I'll post Chapter two and three next Tuesday.

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