Monday, February 1, 2010

Emily and PvP

Today in Wizard101 I wanted to see if Emily (43) was strong enough to PvP. She went through three 1v1 battles easy. she won two 2v2 battles pretty well too. Then on the third 2v2 battle she found herself in a bad spot. On her side, there was a fellow balance player (49). on the other side there was another balance player (49) and a troll (myth person cast a troll and left). One of the first things the other team did (level 49 balance, not troll) was cast a judgement that totally wiped out my partner, so it was me vs a level 49 balace and a troll. After much spells cast and life lost, I lost connection. It was over. After a little Alt+F4-ing and rentering my password I managed to get back on. Of course, I had been defeated. At least it was a practice match right?

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