Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Wizard101 Alpha Differences

In Fall of 2008, I got to play in Wizard101 Alpha. There were a lot of differences. Wizard101 Alpha came on a CD!

· Wisps (they had no wisps!)
· Bottles (no bottles either)
· Golem Tower (there was a Golem tower, but, like other towers, up to four people could help you!)
· Training Points (You got one EVERY level, but spells needed multiple training points, also you needed training points for YOUR school)
· Healing life spells (One thing about life, EVERY spell was a healing spell, so the first spell each life wizard got was thunder snake!)
· Leprechaun Spell (there was none)
· No Pets
· School only Quests (Every Wizard did every school only quest, like I remember I had the troll minion spell)
· Wands (Wands were practically useless, they cost a pip)
· Colossus Boulevard (the sidewalks weren’t safe, like Sunken City is now)
· Sir Reginald Baxby (In Alpha, he gave quests. After you defeated a boss, he gave you a quest to defeat it again, and he gave quests to defeat every kind of monster)
· Only First two worlds (You could finish Krokotopia, but then you were done)

Thats all I remember, but that is a lot right?

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