Wednesday, February 3, 2010

New wizard101 fun housing party game

I teleported to some one's house today because of a party, and the host had this really fun game called Trap A Mania. Here's how it went, if she trapped you in any way (in a housing item, or like if she boxed you in) then you were out. Pretty simple actually. There is one person she doesn't trap though, they keep time. At the beginning of the game you set a time to say when the game is over. The time keeper yells out how many minutes they have left till the game's over. In the game we played there were two people left, a fellow player and me. But our game was stopped when the time keeper said "TWO MINUTES" and then both of us players got trapped. So the "trapper" won. I got some pics of trap a mania but i was too busy running to get the part where there were less people, so here they are:

The people in beds were trapped!

most people went to the stairs shortly after this, but she blocked the stairs, thats how a lot of people got trapped.

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