Saturday, August 13, 2011

Test Realm

I haven't posted in a while huh? Too many vacations too close together I guess. When I got back from the most recent vacation (Disneyworld) I took a day to go through Wysteria, and I think the best part is the golden piggle pet :D.

Though that's not the best part of the test realm, that award, I think, goes to the teleporters.

And today, two new houses were released. At the time I logged on you couldn't preview these houses (not sure about that now), so I got Esmee to buy both and look around. The first one I got was the Sunken Palace.

There's water leaking from the outside making lakes in the house which are really neat, I mean, who wouldn't want a staircase that's also a waterfall?

The only problem is that there are two rooms that are filled with water, and you can't place anything there.

The outside is neat too, it even has a sunken ship. Now Esmee wishes she knew how to fix a boat.

And sail one.

The Wizard's watchtower is neat too, though I think a better name would have been the Dragon's watchtower.

There's your very own whirlpool outside, with a great place to put a statue, or in Esmee's case, an effective 'time out' place for Gigi

Inside there's a bunch of gold in a cave, kind of like the Sultan's Palace.

There's also a dragon on top, keeping the gold warm for you.

The last thing I'll mention about this house is the telescope. It's really big, and saving you money because now you don't have to buy another of those tiny telescopes.

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