Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Yeti or the Sister?

Recently a new song came out by one of my favorite bands, The Lady and the Tiger. This song lead my to read The Lady or the Tiger which is an interesting short story, so I wrote a similar story, but with teleporters instead of doors.

The Yeti or the Sister?

In a kingdom of magic, there was a queen who ruled fairly. Her name was Queen Amber UnicornFlower.

When a wizard is accused of doing something wrong in her kingdom, instead of a justice system, she had two teleporters. The wrongdoer (or not) would be asked to go through one of the teleporters. 

One teleporter held a loved one of the wizard, and if he or she should choose the teleporter, they were thought to be innocent of the crime, and the queen would throw a party for the reuniting of the wizards, and they would live happily for the rest of their life.

The other teleporter however, held the most ferocious beast you could ever think of, a starving Yeti. If the wizard chose the understandably undesirable teleporter, he or she would be torn apart by the beast and were thought to be guilty.

One day, there was a great crime in the palace. The Queen’s own sister Heather UnicornFlower ate all the ice cream in the palace.

The Queen couldn’t stand this. She got so mad she sent her sister to choose a teleporter.

The day of the choosing, Queen Amber was torn. She loved her sister, but she loved ice cream too. She could always buy more ice cream, but what about her sister.. She was an annoyance. She kept reminding herself that the palace would be better off without that nuisance of a girl.

Amber would always have Heather’s twin, Esmee if the Queen started to miss her. Yes, she wouldn’t get them mixed up any more if there was only one. Speaking of Esmee, she was the one behind the teleporter. Those sisters were close.

Wouldn’t it break Esmee’s heart to see her sister killed? Also, if Heather chose the teleporter that went to Esmee, did that mean her justice system didn’t work? Heather did confess to the crime. So when the time came for Heather to decide, and she looked up at her sister, for one last time, she thought, and Amber quickly looked to the right.

Heather chose that teleporter. But you tell me, did it go to the Yeti, or the Sister?

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  1. Oh my gosh! This is so cool :D! I love these little cool things you do on your blog! Keep up the awesome work!

    P.S. I think it went to Esmee