Monday, February 7, 2011

The Banner

I've been wanting a sun banner for a while, I've always been searching and farming since I made my little carnival with my carousel, and a moon banner (which can be crafted) just can't be without a sun banner. I was randomly farming Eyus Maximus for it on my day off from school, and I got it! I made a moon banner quickly (so easy to make!) and put them together. Perfect!

In the test realm, I made a mini farm of plants. They're coming along really well.

It's growing really fast because one of my Venus Fly Traps got a pixie. I'm an adapt gardener right now, almost master. A thing in the test realm you've probably haven't noticed is that in the massive fanasy palace, placing and moving around stuff is way faster. Opening the housing window is really fast now :D. One of these days I might make a guide on how I animate stuff.



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