Tuesday, February 1, 2011

New Houses

As you all probably know by now, the test realm is open, and there are new Celestia houses. Looking at the house, I got some insperation for a story, so here it is:

Amberanna Jones and the Golden Mushroom

As I wash up on the shore, I know I’m close to the mushroom. Surveying the area, I think the beach is just a regular beach, until I see it, a giant crab! I walk up to it, and it speaks.

“To pass to the forest of the Golden Mushroom, you must answer a couple questions.”
“Bring it on Crabby,” I reply. I am determined to get the Golden Mushroom at any cost.
“In what country is the largest variety of crab species found?”
Honestly, I had no idea. Why facts about crabs? I’m trying to get a mushroom here. I need to guess before the crab stops me from ever entering the forest, so I answer, “The United States.”
“Correct. What are crabs, crustaceans, decapods, or arthropods?”
Another hard question, this wasn’t going anywhere! I have to guess again, but maybe an outside the of the box answer where get me somewhere. “All of the above.”
The crab frowns for a moment, but then he responds. “Correct. Your last question is do you think I can dance? I want to try out for a competition but I’ve never danced before.”
That one is easy, “Of course not, you have five left feet.”
“This is true. You may pass.” The crab moved out of the way to show a path up to the forest.

The trees in the forest were pretty thick, but I saw a glow near the path, so walked towards it. Walking closer, the glow was pixie dust trailing the fight of many, many enclosed pixies. A pixie flies up to the gate.

“Please save us! We are captured by the specter midnight.” The pixie whispered. I knew I had to help, and after all, the pixies might know where the mushroom is. I looked around for the specter, but I didn’t have to look for long.

Rasping, the specter spoke, “You will never free the pixies, leave or I will unleash my dragon on you!”

“You seriously think you can beat me?” I cast a quick spell on the specter and his dragon and they disappeared.

Freeing the pixies, they rejoiced and danced with me, I remembered the mushroom, and walked off. The forest was beautiful, but I couldn’t look at it for long. I had to get to that mushroom. I ran through the forest and through a tree I saw something strange. I wonder what it was, hopefully not something too dangerous. I took another peek, and I saw a hydra!

How could I fight off a hydra? Maybe it’s friendly. I took a few steps toward it and saw that it was… A statue. How could the courageous Amberanna Jones be afraid of a statue? I need to work on that. Behind the statue was a waterfall.

“Ahaa!” I cried. A waterfall was the secret entrance to the passage of the Golden Mushroom, I read that somewhere. Why are all the places near the Golden Mushroom named after it anyway? Couldn’t the wizard who named this place be a little more creative? But I wasn’t here to criticize the mushroom, I was here to steal it, so I walked under the waterfall.

The cave the waterfall was in was pretty dark, but I could clearly see the totem pole with the tiny hydra on it.
“So, you have made it to the cave of the Golden Mushroom. Congratulations, but I’m afraid that this is as far as you will be making it in your lifetime!” The little hydra said in a squeaky little voice.
“I think I can beat you tiny.”
“Oh, but you see, I will not be fighting you, my dragon will!”
“Oh please,” I pushed the totem over and walked into the end of the cave.

Inside the room, I could sense that I was close to the mushroom. There were lots of things I could steal in the room, but I think I should keep my hands clean for the Golden Mushroom.

Walking into a long hallway, I see it, the Golden Mushroom. I step toward it, and I hear a trigger and my feet sink a bit. There’s movement up ahead, and I notice the giant rock that’s stacked precariously over the mushroom.

“Oh man,” I say to myself. Running for my life, I quickly pass the rock before it hits the ground, and watch as it falls into the hole that was behind me. I step up to the mushroom pedestal, and take the mushroom.

It’s all mine! I got the mushroom, and I didn’t die! And I thought this was going to be hard. While I was congratulating myself, I realized I didn’t know what to do with the mushroom. I hadn’t really thought this through enough had I? Now I have to make room in my house for a Golden Mushroom, and it isn’t even gold, it’s just a regular mushroom named exaggerated. Wondering what to do now, I walked home. Maybe I’ll have a new adventure soon. Hey look, there’s an article about a Golden Carrot in the newspaper!


  1. Awesomely done aventure! :D and I forgot to say Happy Birthay last post, so Happy Birthday!

  2. I love your story! Then ending was funny and you got great pictures. Plus you got a cool blog, too. How do you get your header to change pictures?

  3. Thanks both of you :D
    @Alex, It's animated, sort of hard to explain. Maybe someday I'll post about it.