Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Evil Snow Peas vs Honey Sickle

In the test realm I've been testing how fast Evil Snow Peas grow versus how fast Honey Sickle grows.
They are defiantly the fastest plants, but which one is the fastest? So far Honey Sickle is growing slightly faster than Evil Snow Peas.

When I checked this morning, my Honey Sickle was adult and the Evil Snow Peas where young.
A couple minutes later the Snow Peas turned adult, and they are almost caught up to the Honey Sickle.

The top bar is Honey Sickle, and the bottom is Evil Snow Peas. Honey Sickle is still winning slightly.
I was just hanging around Celestia and I noticed the sparkles coming from a pile of dirt.

Okay, you can't really see them in the picture, but they're there. When I got close, I found a hidden stone block.
I just thought that was kind of cool. Also, in my test realm farm my Ninja Figs turned adult. I think there is more than a ninja pig in the bush.

Is that a flying bear?

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