Wednesday, July 18, 2012

My Winter Wind

My newest house is my favorite, and that's the Winter Wind. I made sure to decorate it perfectly, and I think it turned out pretty okay! Here are some pictures:

 In front of the house I made a carnival, with lots of games. The one shown above is a cannon game, where you can try to shoot your pet into the water buckets.
 This is the crane game, where you can control the crane to try to get a prize.
And at the back on this side there is a joust.
 On the other side of the house, there's a throwing game, where you try to knock over the rocks to win.
 Next to that there's a pie eating contest.
 And next to the pie eating contest there is a fortune teller's booth.

And what's a carnival without a carousel and apple dunking?
 If you're more into fighting there's a midnight sun pagoda across from the carousel area.
 Or you can go the the pvp arena, but be sure to practice first on the mannequins!
 More peacefully, there's a small dog park in the secret area.
And near the pond wizards can relax and have a coconut drink with mannequins that look like me.
 Near the castle you'll find a knight and his girlfriend.
 And behind it there's a frozen forest, with a little clearing above. It seems tranquil but there is a crystal spider there to be weary of.
And now for the inside, which is where the king and queen's family live.
 When you walk in a friendly hydra greets you, and all the people of the king's court.
 Speaking of the king, King Dexter loves to hang out in his king room, where he keeps all of his trophies and precious items.
And across the way is the royal tea room, where the queen and princess sometimes serve cherry pie.
 Upstairs there is a kid's room, where they keep all their toys and games.
 Next to that is the royal playroom, where great shows are put on for the royal family.
 Here is the prince's bedroom, where Prince Moose is by the bed.
 Across from that is the princess's bedroom, where you can usually find Princess Peanut.
 When people have a problem with the king, they talk it out in this meeting room.

And after a long day of kingship the king can relax in his bedroom, where Queen Hailey is in this picture.
 In the dungeon/storage area there is a dragon, as told by the sign.
And inside people can relax in the royal library.

Wow that needed a lot of pictures, but it is a really huge house. It'll be fun to play a bunch of tag and scavenger hunt games in!

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