Friday, July 27, 2012

Sir Rufus and the Bone Dragon

In most of my houses, I've made up little stories about certain things in them. It's pretty hard to convey these stories in game, but I can post them here. This story is in my Winter Wind Tower.

Sir Rufus and the Bone Dragon

Once upon a time there was a want-to-be knight called Rufus. He wasn't a real knight, but he was an orphan so the king took pity on him and told him to guard the castle. Rufus was not a very good guard, but he was grateful to the king so he made sure not to let him down.
 People swarmed to see the handsome man guarding the castle, and as it happens most of the time, the fame went to Rufus’s head. He had girls swooning over him.
 He wanted even more. One day, he decided he wanted to become a real knight. When he consulted King Dexter, the knight's task was to slay a dragon.

Too easy, Rufus thought. He found a dragon in a far away land, and ran to slay it. The dragon would have just spit fire and killed the knight to be, as she did with all the people who tried to slay her, but she had a cold. She was actually really weak from her sickness, too weak to spit fire. She was sleeping in the corner when Rufus came at her, and he caught her by surprise.
 She desperately tried to flee, but she was too weak to fly. Rufus promptly swung his sword wildly, and the poor dragon was torn to pieces. The dragon started to glow.

Unknown to both Rufus and the dragon, there was magic at work. When the dragon was a baby, it was enchanted by a necromancer who wanted a pet dragon.
The necromancer was dissatisfied with just a baby dragon, so the young wizard tried to turn it into a bone dragon. Unfortunately the spell went wrong, and the wizard was transformed into a skeletal wizard instead. The dragon managed to escape, but there was still a spell on her. If she was killed, instead of turning into a ghost, she would turn into a giant skeletal dragon.

And so as Rufus watched, the dragon transformed into a skeletal dragon.
 The skeletal dragon was magical now, and was very angry at Rufus. Rufus saw this and tried to run, but before he could get away the skeletal dragon cursed Rufus to be tiny. Rufus didn't know what hit him as he kept shrinking and shrinking. Soon he was cornered.
 He was going to be eaten by a skeletal dragon! (Could that happen?) Or maybe he'd be thrown off a cliff! The skeletal dragon was coming closer and closer. The clock was ticking toward Rufus’s death. Then, a wizard spotted Rufus at the top of the cliff, made him teleport Rufus back to his home castle, and took to skeletal dragon to ride on.
 Soon the wizard got bored riding the dragon, and decided he was going to give it to King Dexter to lock up in the dungeon. Rufus was still tiny, and the king didn't recognize him at first.
 He told his tale, and King Dexter took pity on him again. He gave Rufus knight-ship (even though he didn't slay the dragon, and let him keep on guarding the castle. When the king was sure Sir Rufus was gone, he laughed. Not too many knights come back, and what happened to Sir Rufus was pretty funny. Then a wizard stepped into his consultation room and he stopped laughing, remembering he was just an elf so he was pretty short himself.

Sir Rufus was a knight now, but he wasn't happy like he thought he'd be.
He was in the same place guarding the castle, and now people always laughed at his shortness. There was another new knight guarding the palace too, but he had battled an evil fairy that turned into a good one that was grateful to the guy, and made him more handsome, so now when Sir Rufus wasn't being laughed at, he was ignored.
But Sir Rufus’s mind shrunk with his body, so he forgot about his old life, and was content to dance and guard the castle all day.

Much later, a seraph wandered into the castle grounds.
She too, had been shrunken by evil sorcery. When she met Sir Rufus, it was love at first sight. 
They danced, they played, and they were together. And they were happy.
The End.