Thursday, July 5, 2012


Lately in Wizard101 I've been helping a bunch of people, including my my highest level alt, Emily UnicornFlower who's doing Celestia. She's speeding through it because when Amber and Emily are working together I just make Emily blade Amber for a super forest lord.

Emily was in the Grotto at the beginning of summer, but a few days ago she made it to the Science Center. 

Yesterday I was helping my dad quest some in Avalon (so he could catch up to me). It was kind of neat because we have matching outfits.

Even though he's storm and can just cast tempest to knock everything out, I did manage to get off some good forest lord hits, including one that did twenty thousand!

We're both level 74 now, so I'm getting the gnome pet in four levels! I'm really excited to hatch a bunch of them to decorate gardens with, like my ghost garden (or maybe soon to be regular garden when I get second spring)

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