Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Gardening Fun

Right now in the test realm I have 62 plants, 55 of them Boom Shrooms. I think Boom Shroom is the best plant, because even though it costs the most, it grows the fastest. I have a lot of gardens in various houses including:
My Tranquil Cottage,

My Dragon's Fjord,

and my Massive Fantasy Palace.

I got a beastmaster set too, to get more pet energy for my plants. I’m up to 69 pet energy for max.

If you’re bored in the test realm and your friends are all either not on or busy (like me), I found that if you have a circle of adult Boom Shrooms you can play a game with them. First, you stand in the middle of the circle.

Then you guess which Boom Shroom will explode next, and stand in it.

If you’re right you win, and if your wrong, you lose. I know, not a very fun game.

Another game I started playing was one where I tried to get to a Boom Shroom before they went off, then raced to the next one going off. Not very fun either, but it works while I’m waiting for my Boom Shrooms to get ready to harvest.


Ok that was from yesterday, I just didn't get a chance to post it. Today, I harvested my Boom Shrooms in my Massive Fantasy Palace, and I got to level two!

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