Friday, November 26, 2010

Some Leveling

Yesterday, in the test realm I got to rank four, I just didn't have a chance to post it:
Today my Laugh-o-dils are adult, I bet tomorrow or Sunday I'll be able to harvest them.

Hey, I saw that!

My Royal Estate garden is going good too, some young plants and some adult.

In the live game I got to level 58, and I got my spell! First I had to defeat this hard boss with more health than Malistare, and whenever you put a trap, blade, or shield he put a trap on you. The guy was life too, so he could heal and he had high resist, but my dad could teleport to me and he tritoned us to victory. After the fight I met the forest lord in the Shoshun Village.

After that, the life teacher gave me the card.

I decided to try it out in Unicorn Way:

'I'm going to kill you!'

'Gotta take a deep breath'

'Look at the trees I grew!'

'Oh mighty trees give me your power!'

'I got the power, now you die'

'Give me a hug!'
'You see this ghosty friend?'

'I shoot my eye lasers at you as I'm about to eat you!'

'That was too easy'

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