Monday, November 29, 2010

New Garden

I harvested my prickly bear cactus today, and it gave me 20 xp, so I figured I'd make a new garden full of them. I figured pots would be best because I don't want to use up all my crowns on pet energy refills, because the enchanted soil costs 3 energy. Here are my seeds:I also got a neat pest on my helephant ears, ghoulish wisp.
I zapped it, but I was almost regretting it because it looked so cool.

Another thing, if you have an elder plant in the test realm, don't harvest it yet. If you do, it will make another plant in that area disappear if you leave. I suggest just leaving it there, plants look really cool in the elder stage anyway. This had happened to me, and I was so sad :(. At least it's only the test realm, and Kingsisle is going to fix it soon :D.

(click to make bigger)

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