Sunday, November 28, 2010

Some doodles

I had this random idea to draw some doodles of the plants of my garden, so here they are:

A sample of disparagus

An okay dandylion


First picture I drew, the Boom Shroom

Some pretty cute baby carrots

Somewhat a prickly bear cactus

An ugly laugh-o-dil

Wait, that's a honey sickle?

(second picture I drew)
Helephant ears

Evil Snow Peas
Hmm, looks kinda like a snap dragon

Wait, why not make a doodle of myself?
Why not make an animation of myself jumping rope with Esmee and Heather holding the rope?


While I'm on the subject of my drawings, here is my latest painting:

You want to see the original picture? Now why would you want that :D

UPDATE: You might want to know that my rank in gardening is six.